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All about Adhesive Tarps for Your Roof

How Adhesive Tarps work

When looking at tarps you will probably want one that is high performing and of high quality. Numerous manufacturers struggle with purchasing the proper adhesive equipment to lay it down. So here is everything you need to know about adhesive roof tarps.

What are Adhesive Roof Tarps used for? 

Well adhesive roof tarps  are usually used to protect houses while damaged or under construction. The tarp is usually placed over the damage or current construction and prevents leaks or water from pouring through. These adhesive roof tarps like most tarps, are water resistant but they also have an adhesive strip along the sides. So it’s preferred by users because you do not have to nail these tarps down whereas this process simplifies it entirely.

When do I use an adhesive roof tarp?

Adhesive roof tarps are a good idea to use when you see any sort of damage or are having a repair to your roof. So if your roofs shingles are broken, missing, or you have water damage in the attic this is a perfect time to use it. 

adhesive tarp

How do I install an Adhesive Roof Tarp? 

The key to installing an adhesive roof tarp is ensuring it is securely placed. You need to make sure it reaches all corners. Peel and stick it down. It is advised to do this with someone else. Placing a tarp alone can be dangerous when taking in the height and damage to the roof into consideration. Another tip is to take extra precautions such as wearing non-slip shoes. But if you have any doubts about your ability to do so contact an expert to help you out. 

So why should I use an adhesive roof tarp at all? 

An adhesive roof tarp doesn’t just protect your roof, it also protects the inside of your home. If there is damage or a leak sometimes the cost of fixing those issues can be costly but a tarp can serve as a temporary fix. It will stop the water from causing mold, compromising your insulation, and shorting any of your houses wiring. 

How can I avoid placing the tarp myself? 

Call Diversified Roofing for all of your roofing needs. The experts at our company can tell you what needs to be fixed and help place the tarp down to protect your roof from further damage.

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