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Commercial Roofing: How To Choose The Right Roofing System

Choosing the Right System for Your Commercial Roofing

When choosing a roofing system for your commercial facility, it can be extremely difficult due to the numerous options. The first thing you want to consider is the type of facility you own and which roof will work for it. Is it a major manufacturing facility with many rooftop exhaust fans and units that require constant foot traffic to maintain them? Or maybe it’s a warehouse used for storing products, equipment or materials? Here’s a guide to help you pick the right option.

What type of roofing system is right for you?

Most types of commercial roofing systems come in a variety of configurations. For example, a metal roof comes in different forms; flat roof, pitched roof, flat slab and metal sheet. Some roof systems have fixed metal components, which are typically fixed to the roof without any kind of system. These include single-pane metal with steel fasteners and leak resistance as the primary focus.

commercial roofing

Understanding commercial roofing

The first thing you want to do is research what type of roofing your commercial facility has. If it’s a factory, there are roof systems for industrial environments. If it’s a warehouse, there are roofing systems that are suitable for large and small warehouses. For warehouses that require a greater amount of traffic, there are roofing systems for more heavily trafficked locations. For commercial buildings with a retail focus, you have the option to choose a standard roof system and then add on appropriate roofing covering for specific businesses and products. If it’s a manufacturing facility, then you’re left with the task of deciding between roofing systems that are suitable for factory conditions and systems that are suitable for office environments.

commercial roofing

Choosing the right commercial roofing system

Consider these factors when choosing a commercial roofing system. Cost One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a commercial roofing system is the cost. Different roofing systems have different costs. Some options will be very expensive, whereas some could be much more affordable. Advantages It’s important that you consider the various advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding on one. Consider the various advantages of each option and decide if those benefits are worth the cost of each option. Size You also want to consider the size of your commercial roof. If you have access to an architect or engineer, then they can help you with your roofing system selection. You should also consider the various roofs available.

How to decide on the right solution

What will you use the roof for? When you’re choosing your roof, the first thing you want to consider is how many roofing systems will it support and how many fans it will be used for. The roof will be a covered space so you’ll want to make sure that the roof itself will be able to support the number of units you’re going to need. The roofing system will need to be sturdy enough to sustain its weight so that means it needs to be on a concrete slab, not on metal columns that could easily move in high wind. Does it have ventilation? If the roof isn’t ventilated then it can be a real problem when there’s lots of heavy equipment running on it or the materials are hot.


Making a choice on the best type of roofing system for your commercial property can be a challenge, especially when deciding on the best option for your area. However, by educating yourself on all the options, you’ll be in the best position to choose the roofing system that will work best for your facility. 

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