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February is a great time for Commercial Roof Restoration Coatings

Over the last several years, commercial roof restoration coatings have improved dramatically. Many of them even feature a polyester layer for extra durability, as well as excellent tensile strength and elongation properties. The solutions bring your problem roof back to water-tight condition, and in some cases, back into warranty coverage. At the same time, you avoid the high cost, disruption, and waste of a complete tear-off and replacement.

Coated Roof Benefits

  • Maintaining sustainability. Roofs that have been coated can often be recoated further down the road to defer costly replacements and tear-offs. As a result, they are often a more sustainable option.
  • Efficient energy use. Building commercial roof restoration coatings can also boost energy efficiency. If you live in a warm climate, a white elastomeric coating can help reflect UV rays and lower the temperature on your roof. In colder climates, a darker roof can absorb heat from UV rays and warm the building.

There are some commercial roofs that cannot be restored. If you’re unsure whether your roof qualifies, ask yourself these questions: 

What type of roof system do you have?

What is your roof’s surface?

What is the age of your roof?

How many leaks are you currently experiencing?

Are the leaks concentrated in one area or spread across multiple areas?

What type of rainfall usually causes your roof to leak?

Has your roof been inspected within the past year for wet insulation? If so, was wet insulation present?

If you answered most of those questions with ‘not sure’ you may want to call an expert to help you out. Sometimes restoration is possible. Check out our article on Restoration here

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