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‘Green’ Roofing Benefits

Why You Should be Roofing in a Green Friendly Way

A very important factor in today’s world is contributing to the efforts put forth in going green. But, did you know your roof can be part of those efforts? Well it can. Building green has numerous benefits such as increasing the comfort of your home, supporting the health of families and greatly reducing costs. So here’s a few reasons you should jump on the eco friendly roofing train.

Saving the Environment 

As important as we all know it is to save our environment we don’t realize how much these little changes mean. When it comes to roofing there’s a lot of environmental damage it can do. For example shingles clutter up landfills, thus harming air and water quality. Usual building materials such as aluminum, concrete and steel cause excess emissions of CO2. 

Yet when building green, builders can utilize recyclable materials and reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. In fact some roofing material companies partake in the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) rating system. This helps to reduce negative impacts on the environment by using methods that are safe and sustainable. These methods include erosion controls, pollution prevention and more, thus minimizing pollutants from any used equipment.

green roofing Health Benefits

Building green actually has health benefits. The materials used in an eco friendly roof can actually enhance the air, thermal, and acoustic qualities of your home. This contributes to less temperature control need in your home as well as overall comfort and health.  Not to mention a green built roof is a big selling point.

Extends the Roof’s Life

The main reason this type of roof’s life expectancy is longer is due to the fact that the materials are somewhat UV protectant and can withstand extremely hot temperatures. For those reasons, these roofs require less maintenance. Routine checks are always a necessary measure in ensuring its longevity. The insulation is also built in so there’s less damage that can be done to your attic as well as less of a possibility for critters to live there.  


Another possible advantage is some roofs can reflect light. This is great for the Florida heat or overall hot summer weather because usually your home can absorb and trap that heat. Materials that reflect light help keep the temperatures low within your home. Thus making your home more comfortable on those warm days. 

Green Roofing is altogether a Good Idea

There are so many benefits to using green materials on your roof. It also is more cost-effective and helpful to our environment. It also reduces the amount of waste produced in the process as well as increases the longevity of your roof. If you are looking to utilize green materials in your roofing contact Diversified Roofing. They can tell you what will work for your roof and help you with the process.


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