cost to replace a commercial flat roof

How much does it cost to replace a commercial flat roof?

What is the average cost to replace a commercial flat roof?

Replacing a flat roof on a commercial building is a large investment for any business owner, yet it is inevitable that it will be needed. In order to give a full assessment on how much it will cost, it is important to consider how many factors apply to this. Let’s go through the list to help determine the average cost to replace a flat roof on a commercial building can be. 

Flat Roof Typeflat roof

The average cost to replace a commercial flat roof depends on the flat roof type. Many older buildings will have multi-layered substrates, since the material is cheaper to use. Yet removing those layers costs a lot more in labor. 

Roof’s made with materials such as rubber or vinyl are single layered surfaces and pricier to build with yet much easier to remove. Not to mention they are better for longevity purposes, UV reflection, and strength. 

The reason flat roofs are replaced is usually because of damage to it which can cause leaks and structural damage. Therefore it is important to know what should be done whether that be replacing it entirely or just repairing it.


If the roof is fully getting replaced it may be a good idea to consider upgrading certain features. These features can include the roof’s appearance or adding to the structuring for reinforcement of the weight capacity the roof has. 

A big and somewhat necessary addition is to raise certain sections for proper drainage systems to be installed. This is a necessary addition especially in areas that see storms a lot, like Florida does, because it could pool. This is a major issue with flat roofs and an excellent way to avoid it. .All of these upgrades add to the overall cost.  

The Environment

Factors such as the climate and overall location are important to consider when replacing your commercial buildings flat roof. Things such as permits, work conditions, and accessibility play a factor and can contribute to the cost. Therefore, all aspects should be considered.

The Structure

The average cost to replace a commercial flat roof also depends on structure. If the building has things protruding out of it, they may need to be removed or sealed which can add to the cost as well.

So what is the average cost of a commercial roof? 

Well that as we said before depends on numerous factors, but if there was a range for a commercial flat roof price it would be anywhere from $30,000 and up. Yet that is just a ballpark figure, to get a better estimate at the price call a commercial flat roofing expert. 

Who should I call for my Commercial Flat Roofing Needs? 

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