How often do you replace a commercial roof?

How often do you replace a commercial roof?

A commercial roof on average requires a restoration after 15-20 years.  There are certain tell-tale signs as to whether your commercial roof needs to be replaced or not. Here’s a list of things to look out for: 


If water seems to be pooling on the roof that means the design is probably not working in your favor. It can lead to leaks and structural issues. Also note that just because the surface membrane of the roof looks ok, it does not mean that it is internally.

It’s a smart idea to take roof samples from different parts of the roof. This can help determine the type of roof, how many layers it has, and what type of system it currently has. If you find moisture on the outer roof membrane or the internal insulation your rough will likely need to be replaced.

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So how long does a commercial roof last on average? 

Well that is dependent on numerous factors, such as the material it’s made from, how timely repairs are made, and environmental factors. Yet if an estimated time were to be given on a well-constructed roof, it would be said to last for at least 10-15 years. I hope now you have got the idea about how often do you replace a commercial roof?

Call a Consultant

It is always a good idea to get your commercial roof inspected for damage by a professional. Beyond just an inspection, if you even think there is damage, get it repaired immediately. Why not have the best company around do that for you?

Call Diversified Roofing, we specialize in all things roofing. We will give you an assessment and help you throughout the process. We utilize both modern and time-tested roofing systems but also offer plenty of tips backed by years of solid experience to inform clients about the most practical roofing systems for a home or business. So reach out to us and we will help you get started.

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