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Hurricane Season Roof Prep Florida

 Is My Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is almost here. And it is time for Hurricane season roof prep Florida. Ensure your roof and home are ready for hurricane season by scheduling an inspection, adding reinforcements to your structure, and selecting specially designed roof material that will be able to withstand whatever storms may come during the upcoming year.

 Inspect Roof For Damage

The first thing you should do in preparation for hurricane season is to ensure that your roof has not sustained damage. Having a damaged roof could be disastrous during hurricane season, especially if wind is able to penetrate through any holes or other areas where shingles are missing. If it’s been over a year since you’ve had your roof inspected, get it inspected again before the arrival of hurricane season in case there are any issues you are not aware of.

Add Reinforcements To Your Structure

Your roof is only one part of the entire structure that will be affected by storms. If your home was built after 2000, it probably has hurricane straps and clips already in place for additional support even before an official storm arrives. However, if your home was built before 2000 or has suffered severe damage during past storms, you may want to have hurricane straps and clips installed in order to brace your home’s roofing system against high winds.

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 Prepare Roof For Storms

For Hurricane Season Roof Prep,  you should select roof materials that are specially designed for the purpose of preparing your roof for storms. Certain types of roofing materials can withstand more wind, including shingles that are made to flex and bend in high winds. Select a product like Weathertight Roofing Sheathing Panels, which is specially designed to provide added defence against high winds and other weather conditions that may arise during hurricane season.

 It’s not too late… Call Your Local Roofer

Hurricane season is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make preparations to support your roofing system against high winds. Contact a roofer in your area to schedule an inspection, add reinforcements to your structure, and select specially designed roof material for hurricane season today!

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