Tar/Gravel Roof

Many Florida businesses have tar and gravel roofing often referred to as a flat roof because of its looks. Over the years, the popularity of these so-called flat roofs has grown owing to the fact that they are extremely reliable for businesses and tend to be affordable. The roofing system uses several layers of perforated felt material or fiberglass combined with asphalt sandwiched in between. 

However, Tar/Gravel roofs tend to, over the years, require various types of repairs like when the intermat is exposed, uplifting fasteners need to be replaced, sealant replacement, loose counter flashing, etc. All of these issues need to be addressed almost right away before they get any worse. On the other hand, addressing these problems with even old-school tar and gravel roofs can considerably extend their service life. We use a couple of different methods to ensure that your tar/gravel roof continues to perform reliably throughout the year. 

tar and gravel roof repair and replacement

Tar/Gravel Roof Repair and Replacement

What You Should Know About Tar and Gravel Roofs
Tar and gravel roofs are made up of layers of asphalt-based sheets, hot tar, and roofing felt that are laminated together.

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